Our redundancy system .


The failure of one system component, such as the engine, is often synonymous with a failure or crash of the entire system.

This is exactly where the redundancy system from SOBEK comes in.

To reduce the probability of failure, we have developed a redundancy system based on a 2 x 3-phase BLDC motor and two power controllers. Under normal conditions, the two power controllers share the load. In an emergency, the entire system is designed in such a way that the elementary system function is maintained if a winding or a power controller fails.

In addition, we have redundantly stored safety-relevant algorithms for controlling the motor. Critical system states are detected and saved in good time (predictive maintenance). Thanks to our redundancy system, we can identify possible malfunctions, intervene in good time and thus significantly increase reliability. A decisive advantage over a non-redundant system.

Possible motor or controller malfunctions.

> Output stage of the power controller fails – redundant power controller jumps in

> Current measurement of the power controller fails – redundant power controller takes over

> Voltage measurement of the power controller fails – redundant power controller takes over

> Detection of a phase break in the motor – predictive shutdown of just one winding

> Communication error – full controllability possible, not just failsafe mode

> Motor phase short circuit – predictive shutdown of only one winding

Reliable systems certified according to EN 9100 .

In the aerospace industry, you place the highest demands on the components you supply. Your partner must be absolutely reliable and find the right solution for every problem. They expect the performance standards that many promise. But what gives you a secure feeling when ordering? Our EN 9100 certification certifies the high quality of our internal quality management in the aerospace sector. Hardly any other industry places such high demands on the safety and reliability of individual components. According to our certification, we fully meet these strict requirements in our business areas.

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Our core competence is electric drive systems

engines .

  • Brushless inrunners (BLDC)
  • Brushless Outrunners (BLDC)
  • High efficiency up to 95%
  • High power density
  • Efficient heat management
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power controller .

  • Block and sine commutation (FOC)
  • Numerous communication interfaces (e.g. CAN, RS232, PWM, LIN, UAVCAN)
  • Individual adjustments according to customer requirements possible (hardware, software)
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Our History.


Foundation of KONTRONIK GmbH
Focus: processor-controlled speed controller


Expansion of the product range
Development and production of brushless electric motors


Development of the business area
EMS with its own SMD assembly


Merger with
SOBEK Motorsporttechnik GmbH & Co. KG;
Change of name to


Change of name to SOBEK Drives GmbH and
Relocation to our new company building


Aviation certification according to EN 9100:2018
( certificate )

Certified according to ISO 9001
( certificate )