Our high level of vertical integration brings a great deal of independence and thus better dynamism and speed in the provision of high-tech products. This allows us to build prototypes flexibly and quickly without having to wait for others. In addition, this enables us to build up unique process knowledge.

We place great value on a high level of quality awareness among our employees. Only if this is given, quality can arise at each individual work step. We also require this from our suppliers who provide us with high-quality raw materials such as B. provide powerful magnets, heat-resistant winding wires and specially hardened and ground shafts.

CNC machine

We manufacture numerous engine parts, such as engine mounts, bearing covers or fans, ourselves on our CNC machine.

Glue robot

With the help of a glue robot, we place exactly the right amount of glue behind the magnets. In this way, we can ensure that the adhesive is regularly distributed over the circumference, which prevents unbalance and vibrations so that the magnets are securely in place even at high speeds.

Coating system for sheet metal packages

With our coating system we can apply an electrostatic powder coating to the laminated cores of the motors. Ideal for prototypes.

Machine and hand winding

Manufacture and automation – depending on the requirements, we can have the motor winding either with our winding machines or by hand by our specialists.

Final engine test

After the production process, each individual motor goes through a final test in which the most important parameters are checked in defined limit values during operation.