SOBEK Drives – Sinuskommutierte Steuerungselektroniken und BLDC-Motoren


Elektronik_fontal_V2spider_X_25We develop and manufacture high-performance electrical drive solutions and ECUs for customer specific projects in industrial applications.

Our roots lie in the RC modeling. This is not about toys. This is about absolute peak performance at the limit: smaller, lighter, faster. Extreme load changes, extreme voltage and high voltage peaks. Our motors and ECUs can be found in the models of numerous world champions. When pros fly, helicopters have to deal with 50 G and airplanes can reach speeds over 500 km/h.

All products are developed and manufactured in-house – all “made in Germany”. Thus we ensure well-thought-out constructions, the usage of high-quality materials and thorough, quality-controlled processing. SOBEK Drives products are precision products. Each product is checked internally on its quality characteristics. Thanks to our high level of vertical integration, we can perform electrical and/or mechanical adjustments in the short term.

Special feature of our ECUs: Sinuscommutation


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